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Swing n Bass DJ and Producer Mista Trick is in a league of his own. Mixing vintage, vaudeville vibes with distinctly down and dirty drum n bass, Mista Trick sounds like the love-child of a wartime knees-up and a 90s rave. He’s fresh, he’s fun, he’s all about the boogie. Bring your flat caps and suspenders and throw some swinging shapes!



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He’s performed all around the UK as well as Paris, Zurich, Barcelona, Lyon, Sofia, Burgas, Alicante, Grenoble, Vienna and Whistler. Festivals include: Glastonbury, Festival Jyva’zik, Electro Swing Club Paris, Boomtown Fair, Bestival, Under The Hill, Nozstock, Swingamajig, Wildfire, Illusive, Twinwood, HowTheLightGetsIn and Shambala.

As well as released tracks on Ragtime Records, Rimboe Riddim, Freshly Squeezed, Pashmount Music and Sony. Producing remixes for the likes of Jamie Berry, Sam & The Womp, Swingrowers, KD Soundsystem, Molotov Jukebox, Electric Swing Circus, Extra Medium, Scratchophone Orchestra, Phil Mac, Future Shape of Sound, Lamuzgueule, Kiwistar, Josh & Le Chat Feat Flechette.

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